• Tree Spirit necklace holds Mothers nature power, it is a necklace for special occasions, maybe some rituals that shall connect you with the nature.  The necklace is made out of seed of different trees, from Crete comes stirax, walnut and eucalyptus seeds, yellow and black seeds are from plalm trees that grow in latin America. 

    The necklace is 52 cm long.

    All seeds of styrax tree are hand drilled, they come from our garden, the tree has been planted to atract bees. Also interesting is that the tree is the "official" source of styrax, an herbal medicine known from ancient times. Some believe its oleoresin to have been the stacte used together with frankincense, galbanum, and onycha to make Ketoret, the Tabernacle incense of the Old Testament. - James A. Duke (2007). Duke's Handbook of Medicinal Plants of the Bible

    Collection of driftlove jewerly made by Karolina.

    Tree Spirit Necklace

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