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  • Karolina Šmejkalová

My stickman friend Petros

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Have you met him already? #stickmanPetros

The Stickman Petros was created at the end of 2012, he came with Chrismass tree and took attention of my friends on facebook #driftlove. This litte stickman lives in Crete, sometimes he travels abroad. He changed by time, his hair is missing and some situations he found funny just few years ago he finds worth to think out better.

The time has come and he is ready to share his stories about what tough his artistic soul.

Very first photo of stickmen Petros made by Karolina Smejkalova alias driftlove
Stickmen Petros brings Christmass tree

Petros finally understands that he has to go online, he is too excited about how different he sees the world and wants to share his oppinion #PetrosEverywhereDriftlove

The Stickmen Petros, figurine made by Karolina Šmejkalová alias Driftlove.
Spice up your life with Petros and his stories

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