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  • Karolina Šmejkalová

Crete under the white blanket

When I hear winter I imagine Christmas and snow, it is like this since I was a child, good is, that Christmas come every year, because the snow situation has changed, back in Czech is no snow and I moved south. Luckily I moved south to Crete, where mountains are so high that the temperature drops and where every year snows. Snow is something that visitors of Crete do not see so often so here I share with you some pictures from my collection.

When I lived in Malia, I used to go to make a snowmen on the Lassithi plateau.

Here are windmills on the entrance to the Lassithi plateau.

Welcome to Lassithi

The Lassithi plateau is huge and under the never ending snow it looks even larger.

Lassithi under the snow

For different view here is snow on the top of Psiloritis mountain taken last year.

Petros, Koukla and the Psiloritis

These beautifully covered White mountains, view from north of Chania, were calling us for over a month this year.

White mountains from Stavros

The call was strong, we went to touch the snow.

Driving up to the Omalos plateau.

Omalos plateau in the winter

White fairy tale.

Snow time

How about you? Have you touch the snow this year?

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