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My mission in life 

is not merely to survive, but

to thrive: and to do so with 

some passion, some compassion,

 some humor, and some style.


Maya Angelou


Driftlove website and online shop was founded by Karolina Šmejkalová, an artist, free minded individualist that likes to make nice things from anything that is on hand,  inspired by anything around and inside her. Born in Czech republic Karolina drifted from mountains and forests to big libraries and around 4 continents to anchor in Crete. Learning something new every moment, changing shape on the way.

The magic of the island of Crete, the wildness and ancient feel of it, together with her fantasy, passion for beauty and the unstoppable will to learn more to do something more beautiful were the perfect combination to bloom her creative flow. Every story of hers life journey that brought her to Crete, the unpredictable drift that helped her to discover something that comes from very own deep heart, all she put in one word Driftlove, all is connected all is is love to life, loving the drift.

I am Driftlove.

At Driftlove, I guarantee that every single purchase you make will be an item hand crafted with care and love.   Take a look at my site, let my paintings talk to you. Inspire yourself by beauty of unique art jewerly and finely crafted home decorations created from aged driftwood, amazing fossils and stones, or other unique finds in nature. All is connected so I do mix and play with everything that speaks to me. It is a strong burning fire that is taking me to many different places and art techniques, the hot fire that I need not only for my glass creations.

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